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Alarm Response

If you are unlucky enough to be targeted by the determined burglar, and your alarm is triggered when you are away, it is important that someone reacts quickly.

The sooner they do, the less time a burglar has to take anything and the greater the chance that they will be caught. If you are in the premises when a burglar breaks in, it is even more important to summon help quickly. You can normally choose from one of the following options:

Security Response
As well as notifying the nominated contact and the Police, you can elect for one of our response teams to attend. If you are not at the premises, this has the advantage of saving you, your colleagues, your family, your friends or your neighbours the risk and inconvenience of attending the premises. This is particularly important if the alarm is triggered at night. Our people can keep you informed of the situation and can take steps to secure the premises with new windows, locks or boarding as appropriate.

Police Response
If you are installing a new system, then in order for the Police to respond you will have to be connected to an Approved Alarm Receiving Centre. If your alarm is triggered, they will contact you or your nominated contacts, and the Police if they have enough information for the Police to respond. Find out more about what you have to do to get the police to respond to your alarm here.

Telephone Response
If you do not want to have calls routed to an alarm receiving centre (for which a subscription is required), you can elect to have the system call a number of telephone numbers until it gets through to someone who responds. This can at least give you the option of getting to the premises if you are nearby, or telephoning someone locally to check on your behalf. If you or they can see evidence of a break-in, then the police may respond if they have the resources available.

Alarm Bell
The minimum level of response is for your alarm to sound an audible warning that a burglary is taking place. This can at least alert neighbours to the incident and can be a deterrent to the burglar. Such bells must automatically shut off within 20 minutes to avoid being a nuisance and so may have limited effect.

If you would like a review of your requirements and more information about the options, costs and benefits of an intruder alarm system please visit the OCS website.