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CCTV systems have an excellent record in deterring crime. They can provide you, your staff, students, patients and your visitors with peace of mind.

In the event of an incident you can have a high quality record of what has happened to show to your colleagues, staff or the Police. In recent years, the technology has advanced significantly and systems are now cheaper to install, easier to use and require less maintenance than before. Whether you are a homeowner, a small business, or a larger organisation, we can supply and reliably install a CCTV system to suit your requirements.

Not only do we have many years of proven experience specifying and installing the most appropriate systems and making sure they work, we are also completely independent. Our criteria are simple and open: what’s best to protect you, your people and your premises is what we will specify and install. To ensure reliability and ongoing spares support we work with some of the most respected equipment suppliers in the industry such as Panasonic, Dallmeier, Indigo Vision and Samsung.

You will have access to the full range of camera types: from simple standard models to the latest activity triggered dome cameras. These can provide full 360 degree coverage and high quality colour pictures. Cameras can cover a fixed area of view, or be fully controllable so an operator can track activity and zoom in when required.

Recording & Storage
There are a wide range of options for storing and recording images. The latest advanced digital CCTV technology can record constantly without the need for tapes, allowing you to instantly retrieve and store images that never deteriorate.

Remote Monitoring
Your CCTV system can be linked to our 24hr National support Centre and an operator can instantly review what is happening and decide what action to take.

Servicing & Maintenance
Legion employs a dedicated, highly qualified team of installation and service engineers for scheduled and emergency servicing and maintenance.

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