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Managed Enforcement

Managed Enforcement Controlled Charging Service (MECCS)

For businesses experiencing problems of unauthorised parking by motorists on privately owned car parks, Legion’s Managed Enforcement Controlled Charging Service (MECCS) provides the ideal solution.

MECCS is a comprehensive service which includes initial site survey, supply and erection of signs, recruitment and training of enforcement officers, supervision by our operations managers, issue of Parking Charge Notices, Parking Charge Notice Processing and Debt recovery and, if required, removal of abandoned vehicles. The hours when the patrol officer monitors the car park are varied to suit your individual client and parking abuse needs.

The MECCS service incorporates a handheld unit which is unique to Legion and which is used by our patrol officers monitoring your site. The unit utilises a powerful software program designed by Legion which reports in real time via GPRS to our back office staff. This system can be programmed to your bespoke requirements, and violations other than “overstay”, such as disabled bay abuse, improper parking or return to the site within too short a period, can be programmed in.

The patrol officer will input vehicle registration numbers and highlight any vehicle registration numbers that are in contravention of the parking regulations. Once a Parking Charge Notice has been issued, we will take care of the processing, including appeals. Unpaid Parking Charge Notices are tracked using Legion’s search facility with DVLA Swansea.

This link provides us with a registered keeper’s name and address, and an enforcement procedure prescribed by you can then be commenced. Used in conjunction with a digital camera, the combined data offers Legion a powerful weight of evidence to prove the abuse of the parking facilities.

The MECCS system has been designed to avoid the disruption to existing parking routines and procedures that is often associated with labour-intensive systems and the expense of installing parking control equipment, and therefore provides the most cost-effective solution to the problems of unauthorised parking. The MECCS operation will also support other parking control methods such as Pay and Display.

The MECCS operation will also provide accurate statistical information, reporting on traffic flow, habitual offenders, staff parking trends, and a host of others reports. And as the information is in real time, Health and Safety or, car park maintenance issues identified by the Patrol Officers can be dealt with quickly.

MECCS is the ideal solution for:
  • Retail Parks/Shopping Centres
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Medical Centres
  • Leisure Centres
  • Commercial Premises

Legion is a member of the British Parking Assiociation's Approved Operator Scheme and all MECCS operations are therefore governed by the Code of Practice.