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CCTV Monitoring

Legion is the UK’s leading provider of CCTV monitoring services, with a national workforce of highly trained and fully SIA licensed Operators engaged on contracts designed to ensure the protection of city centres, shopping malls and high risk premises that are particularly vulnerable during the silent hours. Our CCTV monitoring services are also being used increasingly by local authorities for the enforcement of bus lanes to reduce congestion in town and city centres.

In addition, our National Control Centre is operational every hour of the day, every day of the year, manned by a team of highly experienced Controllers fully trained to respond to alarms and deal with incidents. The NCC ensures that CCTV Operators are not working in isolation, providing an out of hours management resource to ensure that communications are maintained with Customers’ sites at all times. With the benefits of ISDN links and computerised, voice recognition telephone systems the National Control Centre can process up to 4000 calls every hour.

Operators/Supervisors can call the Control Centre staff for assistance or advice at any time during the day or night and, more importantly, every Operator makes routine check calls to the Control Centre. If one of these calls is not made, or is made under duress, strict procedures are in place to facilitate swift emergency action.

To facilitate rapid response in an emergency, we work in partnership with and actively encourage a strong rapport with local police forces nationwide, thereby increasing public confidence and providing safer public places, preventing crime and aiding the identification, apprehension and prosecution of offenders.If you would like to discuss your potential CCTV Remote Monitoring requirements, please call our sales team.

For more information please visit the OCS website.